Monday, August 15, 2011

I have an interview !!!!!!!!!!!!

And just like that summer is gone. Work has been CRAZY busy and I’m just now settling back into somewhat of a routine. Hence the update. Not much has changed in the Radz household…work is work….Evan is growing (and pulling up on things…yikes)…the house is still falling apart. Same old, same old. What is new is my job situation. Mainly that tomorrow at 12 noon, I have an interview to get back in the classroom! I have been wanting to get back in the classroom for some time now and finally have a few promising leads. Those who know me, know that I was meant to be a teacher. For those of you who don’t know me, here are a few of the reasons that I MUST get back in front of the kiddos.


  1. I like hearing myself talk which means that I’ve started talking to myself….not good.
  2. I looooooove the kids. There is nothing like the relationships that you build when you see the same kids every day for a whole school year. It’s amazing to watch their successes and their failures and every once in a while you get that kid that comes along that makes you say, “Now THAT is why I’m a teacher.” 
  3. I love buying school supplies….and without being a teacher I really have no reason to buy them and instead I look like the sad old lady at the office supply store buying colored pencils and fun paper clips.
  4. I am just not meant to sit at a desk. Sitting in front of a computer leads me to do troubling things like…well….talking to myself, giggling at absolutely nothing, yelling out random obscenities, stealing things from other’s desks for ransom, and other equally psychotic things.
  5. I want my summers back…and vacations….and 3 day weekends….and snow days  I realize that sounds selfish, but really it’s all about more time with my little man.
  6. I need to have my own classroom that I can just close the door to from time to time. I realize that I will still be accountable for my work, but there’s nothing like being able to just do your own thing and run with it.
  7.  I’m hilarious. No really….I am. Okay, so maybe day to day I’m not too funny, but something about being in front of 30 teenagers brings out the inner comedian in me. They even laugh with me sometimes! (Alright, maybe it’s at me….but it’s still laughing.)
  8. Where the heck else am I going to my funny stories from? Like the time the kid saw me at the movies and asked why I wasn’t at school….on a Friday night. Or the brilliant student who asked me if she dyed her hair if her unborn baby’s hair color would change. Or the ….well, you get the idea.
And most importantly….

Teaching is truly my passion. I find nothing more rewarding than getting kids to realize that they are amazing individuals and that even if (gasp) science is not their thing, they all have strengths. I love watching the “trouble” kids come alive with a little bit of support. I love the kids that come back after they’ve graduated to share their success stories. I love knowing that maybe, just maybe, I am the topic of conversation around the dinner table because a child learned something so fun that they just had to share it with their parents.


Anyways, fingers crossed that this interview goes well. Ah hell….cross your toes, arms, legs….whatever you can manage for me 