Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming together

I feel like things with the wedding are finally starting to come together. After a lovely little church debacle (which I won't even start to get into because its long and boring) it looks like we'll be able to be married in the other congregational church in town. It isn't the church that I was confirmed at, but it is a church that I have been to considerably (my brother was confirmed there). And to be honest, I've always liked their services a wee bit better (that may be sacrilegious or something but oh well). We got our save the dates in the mail yesterday! So going back now. We also found a friend's dad from NH to be our DJ. He's a great guy and acquainted with both Keith and I. In fact, we've watched quite a few soccer games together as his son and keith have played together all the way through college. So that'll be nice. We found a photographer we the only major things that are left are bridesmaids dresses and a florist. Nice!

In other news, I officially have to start school next week! I have orientation and then the week after next I'll be really really starting. Kind of overwhelmed about that, but I'll post more when I have more to talk about. About the only new development on that front is that I met the new chemistry teacher. She's nice, but she's no Allison....

Campground living is still going wonderfully. We had a nice weekend here this weekend with all of the old campground folks around. We did some campfire drinking, played some cards, and just relaxed. We floated in the river for a good chunk of time on Sunday which is the ultimate lazy sunday activity. It pretty much involves tossing a tube in the river, tying yourself to an anchor so you don't get swept away, and closing your eyes. Heavenly! We're looking forward to a trip to NH this weekend for a wedding and possibly a brief trip to winnipesauke...more later.

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