Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The troops are getting restless

May is on the horizon. That combined with the warm weather mean that my students are going nuts! The end of the year is always rough. I usually am ready for summer as much as my students are, but I have to somehow make them think that I want to be in school doing school work and that what we are doing is vitally important (when I know in my mind that whether they remember the name of Darwin's ship is not going to make or break their future). Always fun...

Now sometimes the kiddos are clever. Yesterday one of the kids left school during 8th period (which is wrong, but he did have a study so at least he didn't skip class) and put a tarp in the back of his pickup truck, filled it with water, and drove back to school. This must have been planned in advance because half of the senior class had on their bathing suits and they had a "redneck hot tub party" after school. Innocent fun. It got me thinking about the silly things that we used to do back in high school that adults probably shook their heads at, but that made us laugh. Like the time in Chem class (not sure if you've heard this story Allison) where we were tye-dying clothes and our teacher told us we could tye-dye anything we wanted. Me and a buddy bought in underwear and sports bras. Or the times we used to go sneak into the local YMCA camp after dark to slide down the super long slide (in defense of my coolness it was a long slide that went down the side of a huge hill....and we had Wendy's trays).

Those innocent fun things are the reason that I love teaching high school kids. So much better than the doofus that thinks its fun to come to school drunk or high. Kiddos like that really grind my gears (family guy anyone?) In other news....actually can't think of any other news. So until I can think of something witty....bye


  1. Haha, I feel your pain.

    I have a female student who is over six feet tall. As you can imagine, finding shorts that meet the dress code is a challenge for her. Technically, many kids wear shorts that break the dress code, but she always gets caught because her legs are, like, longer than my full height. So she's all hysterical, everyone else is worked up about it, someone is writing an editorial for the school paper about doing away with dress codes, and ...

    Yeah, a redneck hot tub? I can buy that, at this point. As long as the dress code is followed lol

  2. I do recall your tie-dying underwear :) And, a redneck hot tub sounds like so much fun! I admire their creativity.

    Hope all is well with you guys--the time goes so quickly!