Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Funny Sleepers....

This was a prompt that I came across a while ago and am just getting around to writing about. I have come across my fair share of funny sleepers in the years of college roommates and sharing my bedroom and camps, etc. but none beat my brother-in-law. Let’s go backwards about 10 years….

I’ve mentioned before that hubby grew up camping at a campground all summer. When I first met him, he shared a tent with his brother…which meant that when I stayed with him, I slept in the tent with him and his brother (it was a big tent….I swear). Anyways, one night I was woken out of a dead sleep to the most amazing string of potty-mouth words I have ever heard. I sat bolt upright thinking that something awful was going on and shook hubby to wake him. He mumbled something about how I needed to go back to sleep….it was just Kevin sleep talking. What???

Apparently, Kevin has the habit of fighting people in his sleep. And he does this out loud. Often. This really wouldn’t be very funny except that after a few different times of being awoken by Kevin’s strings of swears I realized that I could egg him on. Yes….I could talk to him and he would respond. So I amused myself for quite a long time encouraging Kevin to “get em”. I even managed to get him to sit up and throw a few sleep punches. Hilarious! I have never known anyone who can carry on conversations…coherent conversations….in their sleep, but he can. The best part is he NEVER woke up and NEVER remembered anything, which made it equally as entertaining to tell him about his fights in the morning.

Any funny sleepers in your life?

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