Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1.89 ?!?

So let me start out by saying that I am loving gas prices. I don't remember them being this low since college! I filled my tank today from "Holy s@$t I'm not going to make it to the gas station" low to fuller than full and it cost me under $25! With gas a 1.89/gallon I can't go wrong. Not to mention that a tank of gas can last me for about ten years now because I have about a 2 mile commute to work, I'm golden...

And in other (less exaggerated) news, I am currently defrosting after a pretty intense faculty football game. At our high school today we had a bunch of homecoming activities. The kiddos sold some food in the commons as a fundraiser for various clubs and sports and then that's followed by the faculty football game and the powder puff game. The faculty game is against our neighbor town rival, East Haven. When I agreed to play I knew that it could get rough, but I'm a toughie. I had so much fun! I got hit a few times and got in some cheap hits on the other team too! What I wasn't expected was the amount of kids that stayed to watch their teachers attempt to be athletic! The bleachers were about half full, but when I say half full I mean very half full. The kids were all close together and sardined in there. So cool! It was a lot of fun and a great way for the newbie teacher to get to know some people and to have some fun. Now I'm just eagerly awaiting turkey day and getting to see the whole family. Wooh!

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