Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ever feel like screaming?

I do! I jumped onto my email today after work to check some emails and lo and behold there's an email from the church in which I am supposed to be getting married saying that they can't marry me anymore. What the hell (or heaven)! If I wasn't so sure of the fact that I'm supposed to be marrying Keith I would think that someone up there was conspiring against us. I'm not sure where to turn from now. There's a possibility that an outside minister could possibly marry us at the church, but that will cost a lot of money...more money than I'd like to spend. Our other option is to get married outside by a JP at La Mirage. According to Farmer's Almanac the weather looks good (I know, superstitious, silly). Here's my thoughts...getting married in the church started out being very important to me. At this point, its looking less and less important. I've always been a firm believer that you can communicate with God anywhere and that you can be spiritual without being in church. If I were to get married outside of the church it isn't like I wouldn't be making a commitment in front of my family, friends, and God. He's gotta be able to see me no matter where I am, right? We'll see where this path takes us and hopefully I can get this squared away soon considering that I need to order invitations soon!

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