Monday, October 26, 2009

Our weekend in NH...kinda

So I guess it wasn't really a weekend, it was just an overnight.  Consequently we didn't get to see everyone on our NH list, but it was alumni weekend for the soccer folks at SNHU so of course hubby and I went up.  Basically, any soccer alums are invited back to campus for a game with all the old alumni, followed by a little dinner, and then they watch the real soccer team play.  Since it was raining, not too many of the boys played in the rain but they all showed up for the real game and the mayhem to ensue.  It's funny how when the old teammates get together they resort to being the boys (not men) that they were in college.  It was silly.  There was lots of reminiscing, lots of drinking, some spilled booze, and good times.  Yeah!

I also learned first hand that our knives are very sharp last night.  I'm ok, no stitches or anything.  Sooo I'm a bit clutzy (that's the understatement of the year).  I trip over my feet several times a day, spill food on me practically ever time I eat, and somehow manage to walk into every pointy object within a 10 foot radius of my body (but I can still do a back flip...go figure).  Last night I was cutting some ciabatta bread (yum) with my brand new bread knife.  I did catastrophies there.  I put the bread on the table, holding the VERY sharp knife the whole time....still good.  I put the knife down on the counter and proceeded to sweep all the little crumbs off of the counter and literally tapped my finger on one of the knife points.  Instant blood geiser!  I barely even touched the bugger and it sliced the tip of my ring finger pretty good (luckily the one redeeming quality about my red countertops is that they hide blood...hmmm).  Now everytime I type the letters "o" "l" or "." my finger hurts (that for example wasn't fun).  On that note, I'm finger hurts :)

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