Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some thoughts on my (our) first house

I realize that I have been neglecting the blog world over the past week or so, but in my defense we have been moving. We have officially slept in our new house for a few nights so considering that I have a few thoughts to share...
  1. Our house is DARK!  There are no streetlights on the road so when we go to bed and there are no lights in it is dark to the point where you can't see your hand.  I've stubbed my toe twice already and woke up in a state of panic because I had no idea where I was.  At the age of 27 I may have to invest in my first nightlight.
  2. Waking up on Sunday morning to MY sunday paper in MY mailbox and drinking coffee from MY new dishes in MY new living room was really cool (notice a theme there?).  I was happy...
  3. I LOVE the color in my kitchen.  I am very proud of myself.  Check it out...
  4. I am mostly proud of myself because I am horribly indecisive when it comes to these things.  I don't really have a style (I don't think) so I'm usually not really sure where the end result is headed.  To illustrate this point this is our entryway.  Each of those white spots was a test sample that I tried, then primered over.  I tried a few more before I finally picked a color for out there.
  5. Again, going with the not sure of my style....I bought some curtains for the living room, though I don't think they go with the kind of traditional theme I was going with.  But they're young and fun and I think I like them.
  6. And finally...my husband is amazing (I already kind of knew that, but this just proves it).  We were getting a weak, unsecured internet signal from a neighbor's house but it wasn't strong enough to stay on.  Hubby rigged up this satellite dish out of tin foil and set our reciever in the middle.  It worked!


  1. too funny, for some reason I thought you were your husband, because I have only known one guy named Keagan. I was reading, feeling awfully confused that your poor wife had no idea how femenine you were! I am a little relieved now that I am not going to be reading a blog post about how your wife found you with another man!

  2. Haha...I actually get that a lot! That's what I get for having a mother with a sense of humor I guess.