Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The first ever Trivia Tuesday

I have recently been inspired by other blogs and by my love for useless knowledge to start a Trivia Tuesday. Yeah! Each Tuesday I’ll post a random factoid that will amuse you and will hopefully help me get better at that Trivia game they have at Slider’s and Black Bear Saloon…here goes…

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning

Not sure about you, but that makes me a little bit depressed. I looooove my coffee/tea in the morning and I think it’s way more soothing than eating an apple. On the other hand, an apple in the morning would probably be much healthier. I think that I’m going to try an experiment over the next week (I’ll report back to you on Tuesday next week). I’m going to try to go a whole week without a morning cup of coffee and I’ll eat an apple instead. This could be interesting….

In other news, we close on our first house tomorrow! I’m super excited (though a little bit nervous too…guess I won’t be totally comfortable until I have that key in my hand). I’ll be posting the before pictures up here tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Stay tuned!


  1. So, what was the outcome? Did apples really wake you up more? I kind of hope they didn't, so that way I still have an excuse to drink my coffee in the morning.

  2. Acutally, apples worked better than coffee! I tried it for about a week and was way more awake (though it wasn't a very scientific study because I knew what was supposed to happen...)