Sunday, February 21, 2010

A catch-up

I have once again completely fallen off the blogging wagon, so I'll attempt to jump back on again.  Here's a few things that you missed while I was gone.

The Annoyance has announced that she has taken another job.  Wooh!  Her last day is due to be this Friday, but last week she decided to completely flip out (kind of on me) after a workshop we had done.  First, let me paint the picture....There were 20 inner city high school students in an after-school program with us.  They've sat through 6 hours of school already and are looking to us to be doing something mildly entertaining.  We were attempting to teach them to use CAD/CAM type drafting software (anyone else just yawn?).  Right.  Anyhoo, she decided that it was my fault that they didn't like her and ripped into me about how I was bad teacher.  Thanks.  For the record, I'm not.  Regardless, I basically had her taken off of the project she was working on with me this week and now she has no hours for this week, so I guess she's done.  Moral: Don't piss people off....

Hubby and I just got back from a quick ski trip up North.  We drove up after work on Friday and skiied from 10pm-3am.  Let's just say I'm beat!  But I am proud of myself.  This is usually the type of thing that I'd pass on.  I'd decide that I was just too tired, let hubby go, plunk my butt on the couch, and laze the weekend away.  I miss out on a lot because of that.  So as much as I really wanted to say "You go ahead without me!" I didn't and I went and I had a blast....and got a good workout to boot.  In other news, we officially booked a trip back to Cancun in April!  More on that later.

Uh....can we just say....non-existent?  I was doing so well!  I had myself consistently running 4 miles (fairly easily, too) and then I just stopped going.  I have a friend's wedding to go to in 2 weeks and I don't even know if I can still squeeze myself into the dress.  Guess I need to get back on that....

Think that's it....did you follow all that?

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