Monday, February 22, 2010

My first crush

Part of the reason that I have been so slow to blog lately is that I am severely lacking in the creativity department. This is normal for me. I go through spurts where I put Martha Stewart to shame (alright, so that may be a liiiitle exaggerated) and then I hit spots when I couldn’t think a creative thought to save my life. This is one of those times…..

So what to do when I lack motivation, but have promised to blog more? Ah, google. I googled blog prompts and stumbled across this super cool site that gives you blog topics. The first question asked if I was depress….and I’m not….so that’s a boring post. Here was the second prompt:

Describe your first 'crush'. What was the person like?

Much better.

My first crush was really in elementary school. I was in 6th grade and ruled the school (this was before 6th grade was in middle school). I had a crush on this boy in my class who shall be called John. He had this beautiful olive skin, huge brown eyes, and he was the best kickball player in class. I had it bad.
Being the cool kid that I was I played it cool. No chasing him around the recess yard for this girl. Instead I captivated him with my ability to beat him at basketball. Nice.

I first realized that he had a crush on me to (yeah!) around Christmas that year. It was just after dinner (I remember this vividly) and I was sitting at the kitchen table working on homework when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and no one was there, but on the doormat was a box with a card. All the card said was Merry Christmas and in the box was a gold pin that said “Sweetheart” with some “emeralds” in it. No name, no nothing. My mother was convinced it was for her (Hmmmm). I don’t remember how I figured out it was from “John” but I kept that pin for a good long time. In fact, I think I may still have it saved in some memory box. We became boyfriend and girlfriend, which basically meant that he only cheered for me while the girls ran the mile run…which I won. Oh young love….

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