Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My hiatus....


To my 8 followers who are still hanging around (or who were just too lazy to delete me) thanks...and sorry for the hiatus.  I tend to slack off from the bloggy world when my life gets ho-hum.  Which it has been.  Since February when I last posted I've done...not much.  I did take a wonderful second honeymoon to Cancun with the hubby.  The weather was gorgeous and we got in some fantastic snorkeling and some relaxing beach days.  Otherwise, I've been trudging along with work much like the rest of us and trying to keep up with my social life (fairly successful at that).

As my usual blogging history shows, I can only be blogging again for one reason.  Something exciting is happening in my life.  Yeah!  So what could it be?  I already did the marriage thing.  Buying a house?  Been there done that (but do you see the progression).  So the next exciting venture in my life would be....a baby.  Yep, hubby and I found out a few months ago that we're expecting!  I have been waiting to post on here just in case important people hadn't heard yet, but I think most have.

We found out a few weeks before mother's day.  I'm still not sure what made me take the test.  We weren't really actively trying (long story...for another day maybe) and I wasn't more than a few days late, but I just had a feeling.  When I saw that second little pink line my first reaction was complete excitement.  Tears sprung to my eyes and my hands just started to shake as I started down at that stick.  I briefly thought about how I could surprise hubby, but I can't hold that kind of info in so there's no exciting story there.  Over the next few weeks I went from "holy shit...can I do this" scared to "can i meet this little bugger today" excitement.  Needless to say, as we're getting used to the idea of being parents and we just seem to get more and more excited.

We're due on Dec. 29 which could make things interesting.  Can't wait to see if I end up with a Xmas or  a New Years baby!  I'm currently 15 weeks (well 14 weeks and 6 days, but who's counting?) which puts me through the scary first trimester and into a much more exciting trimester.  I've started to pop out a bit (I'll put some pictures up here soon, promise), enough that people are starting to notice.  And Im' fairly positive that I felt the baby move for the first time today!  It's a bit early for that according to the books, but I can't figure out what that sensation was if it wasn't my little guy moving.

Can't wait to keep updating this as we find out more info!  Wooh!

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