Monday, July 11, 2011

Another day....another pound?!?

At the beginning of last week I started a diet.  This would be unremarkable for most people, except that I typically don't believe in dieting.  I'm known to tell anyone who says they are on a diet to "just eat in'll be fine!".  That was before....when I was already skinny.  Easy to say then.  Fast forward to today....and my post baby body is still not quite back to normal...and I have a stubborn ten pounds that just don't want to budge (really, I could probably stand to lose 20 lbs, but I'll settle for the 10).

The diet that I started is called the slow carb diet and basically involved me eating lots of protein and veggies and very little carbs.  I should really only eat carbs when I'm working out, which I'm not doing, so I really eat practically nothing.  The cool thing is that I'm allowed a cheat day once a week where I can eat ANYTHING that I want to (yummo!).  So I started this last week and I've already managed to lose 5 lbs!  I'm sure that that'll come back a bit, but I also know that for me once I lose weight I'm pretty good at keeping it bring on the crazy diet!  Wooh!  Wish me luck :)

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