Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bad blogger....

Yeah, it’s been a while…again…

But I’ve been busy…kind of. Busy stalking my baby registry. Busy reading baby name books. Busy laying on the couch watching my belly jump around. That kind of busy…
In all honesty, I think about posting quite a bit but then think I should probably post with a picture since it’s been about 10 weeks since I’ve done that. Then I think that the effort it would take to get my camera, make myself look presentable, take picture, download picture, post picture, write, etc. is just too much. So I don’t. And instead I read my baby bible (What to Expect When You’re Expecting) and peruse my birth month board on my new favorite website.
Yes, I have baby on the brain. How could I not? I can’t even see my toes anymore and don’t go more than 10 minutes without a jab in the ribs/pubic bone. So how about an update on that and what I think is fun/crazy about this whole experience thus far. No? Oh well…deal…maybe I’ll snap out of this being a mommy blog sometime in the near future (though that’s doubtful, so if you’re bored and you don’t want to read anymore I understand).

  1. I have officially entered the third trimester! What a crazy thought that I’m 66.6666667% done with my pregnancy and that much closer to meeting my little man. I can pass hours daydreaming about what he’ll look like and what songs I could sing to him and what his little personality will be like. I’m not sure that the reality that in about 10 weeks (hopefully) I’ll have a newborn baby in the house that will be in said house with hubby and I for many many years to come has totally set in, but I am more than ready to start that journey
  2. I never thought it was possible for a fetus to have a personality, but I swear he does!! He gets all kicky when I sing you are my sunshine to him and will kick up a storm when I dance around the kitchen to country music, but goes absolutely still if I’m boggy-ing to pop music.
  3. I love having a belly. First, I don’t have to hold my stomach in ever…which is lovely. Plus, its just so touchable…and I don’t mind who touches it. Normally I am a pretty closed person when it comes to physical contact. I don’t mind it, but I’m not the type of person who touches other people routinely. Know what I mean? I really thought that when I was pregnant I’d HATE people touching my belly. But I don’t. At all. Actually, I kind of like it.
  4. I am becoming increasingly less graceful and nimble. The other day I went to jump up on the counter and couldn’t bend my body enough to get my butt up there. Weird! But I can still do handstands. And yes I do try fairly regularly….
  5.  probably only have about 9 weeks of working before I’ll have 12 weeks of leave! Which is good because work is crazy and stressful lately.
  6. I went to a pet psychic….which is a story for another day…but was a totally cool experience.
  7. Hubby got a new job recently and LOVES it. He was miserable at his other job and now that he has a new job I feel like I’ve gotten my husband back. Love it!
I think that’s it for now. That post on the pet psychic will be along soon (maybe along with a pic of me…but no promises on that one).


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  1. Glad to hear it's going well for you so far, minus the kicking of course haha. Congrats to your hubby on the new job!