Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I needed a non-crafty update :)

So Evan made his big bad stage debut on Christmas Eve at the church xmas pagent like I mentioned before. Aaaannnd I was the most amazing supportive mother ever by being the only adult on the stage with him. The picture isn't the best quality, but here is my adorable son being the cutest baby Jesus ever...and me being so super thrilled to be up there. Luckily, once the shepards and animals came up i snuck in the back and kind of hid behind the kids (thank goodness!) As you can see I decided to be a gold angel. And I was a good sport. I donned my beautiful, flowing white gown and sat in church waiting when I would have to face my public humilation. And then it got worse....the coordinator approached me to tell me that I wasn't totally dressed. My mouth dropped open as thoughts raced through my head. Apparently I had forgotten my halo (gold glittery stuff). I must have made a face because her response was that I wasn't gold and glittery enough...to which I held out my arms to show her the 4 foot hanging gold fabric that was extending from beneath each of my arms to the floor (you can kind of see them in the picture above). Wasn't that enough gold? Apparently not. I compromised by having her tie it around my waist. Joy.

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