Monday, November 2, 2009


I was inspired by this blog of a friend of mind to join in on NaBloMoPo (? least I think that's what its called).  All it means is that for the month of November you post every day.  I'm not sure that I have the ability to make that type of commitment (in addition to the fact that my life just isn't that interesting) but I'll give it a try.


What to say...

I had my cousin and my sister over last night for dinner.  It was fun and made me realize how much I missed being away.  There's nothing better than yummy beef stew that I didn't cook shared over some wine/beer with a side of good conversation.  I don't know if you really appreciate your family until you get older.  I have a very close family.  My mom is one of four girls all who had at least three children and who got the troops together for practially every holiday growing up.  Because of that I still have fantastic relationships with the majority of my cousins.  Growing up it was kind of a given that they'd always be around, but as we started to get older and move away that wasn't always the case.  I miss the big noisy holidays that seem to be happening with less frequency.  We always seem to end up at my aunt's for Thanksgiving though....wooh!

But where was I going with this?  Oh, right...I was making the point that its great to chat with people who have known you literally since you were born and who know all of your dirty laundry and still love you unconditionally.

In other news....I have officially been exposed to the swine....keep your fingers crossed that my teacher immune system is still in tact.

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