Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our dumb world...

I was looking through the bargain books at Barnes & Noble the other day and came across this beauty for only $5.

Apparently I am a bit more cynical than I thought I was (either that or my dry sense of humor is just kicking in) but this book is hysterical!  It's done by the Onion which is one of my favorite websites because it never fails to make me laugh and basically runs though all of the countries in the world and makes fun of them.  I'm not sure if I can post any excerpts for copyright reasons, but suffice it to say that if you are sarcastic you will LOVE this book.  And how can you beat $5!

In other news....I can't make my computer stop centering this type.  Hmmm....

In other other news....It's Trivia Tuesday so here's your super fun fact of the day.
The uncut stone that later became the Hope Diamond was smuggled from India to France in a horse's rectum.
I don't think I care....I'd still own it....and wear it (if that were possible).

And one more just because I think it's cool...
Fleas mate for life.


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