Wednesday, December 9, 2009


First let me apologize for my lapse in blogging.  The holidays always seem to make me a bit frazzled.  Here's a quick catch-up of what's been going on around the Radz household.  We have our tree up....

We went to get out tree with my brother in law and his girlfriend at this massive tree farm in Northern CT.  It was more acres than I could accurately estimate and had so many trees.  As I stood and looked out over the rolling hills full of Xmas trees and watched all of the little rosy cheeked kiddos happily tree hunting I couldn't help but be in the xmas spirit.  About an hour later and probably 50,000 trees later I just wanted to have my tree.  The others had already found theres and I was tired of wandering aimlessly through acres of lovely smelling evergreens.  I had Keith hack down the nearest tree and I think it turned out quite nicely (maybe a little small, but it works).  The cats also seem to love the tree and have taken to watching tv from the tree skirt.  Either that or playing with the tree skirt to the point where I wake up in the morning and the tree skirt is in the kitchen and my living room is covered in little needles.  But they are just so darn cute!
We also had our first significant snowfall today!  Its so pretty out.  This is the first winter, however, that I don't have snowdays....and boy, oh boy, do I miss them.  I was looking at all of my teacher friends facebook statuses today and cursing the fact that they were in their cozy houses, making cookies, reading by the fire, or just plain old sleeping....grrr....

The bright side is that thanks to my lovely hubby I didn't have to shovel our driveway!  Being a homeowner isn't too bad (although he may think differently).  As for tonight, hubby is in NYC to watch the UCONN game and I plan on plunking on my couch to watch so you think you can dance and glee and finishing up all my xmas cards.  And with grilled cheese and soup for dinner, snowy New England days don't get much better than this :)

Just re-read this post...holy randomness....sorry!

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  1. Very pretty tree! You're so lucky to have snow! It's 78 degrees and muggy here right now and it's not putting me in Christmas mood at all :(