Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I feel like a lot of people are having trouble finding their christmas spirit this year.  I feel like everywhere I turn people are saying that this xmas is tough to get into.  I personally am having a ltitle bit of trouble, too.  Normally at this time of year my shopping is done, my house is decorated, and my xmas cards are all filled out and waiting to be mailed.  I have put my tree up (which we actually cut down from a tree farm), but that's all that I have done in terms of decorating.  I have purchased exactly ONE xmas gift so far.  Horrible!  And I just started my xmas cards last night.  I'm not sure if its just been a hard year for everyone or if the weather is making it tough, but I thinik we all need to scrounge up some xmas spirit.  Now how to go about getting that done....

Any suggestions?


  1. I think it's the stress about less money this year and buying gifts and all that. As soon as I put some Christmas music on, light some candles and drink hot chocolate, I am in the Christmas spirit :)

  2. Personally, our household has been affected by the economy also. Being new to blogging I have been reading alot of other mom blogs and have been learning how to use coupons, following deals, and have actually had alot of fun the last couple of weeks finding ways to buy Christmas gifts for next to nothing.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog... I look forward to attempting to make you laugh...

    As far as Christmas spirit is concerned, I, too, was slow to jump on board. I felt bad for Thanksgiving this year, it got a raw deal. They started playing Christmas music at my work on November 20th! Which is bogus! But I'm there now! Happy Holidays!