Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Irrational Woman...

I realize that I just posted about two minutes ago, but I needed to share this story with someone (preferably with people I don't see on a daily basis).  Let me preface this by saying that normally I am a very sane, intelligent, reasonable, independent person.  I can change my own tire, mow the lawn, teach a classroom full of high school name it...i can handle it.  But sometimes when I am home alone....I lose it!  Fast forward to about 20 minutes ago...

I'm perusing people's blogs, reading about other people's lives and I hear this awful booming noise....sounded like a plow going by.  I look out the window...nothing.  Now remember, I'm home alone and also a new homeowner.  I immediatly think that maybe my pool collapsed (I idea where that came from).  Check in the backyard....still standing.  Maybe something happened with the heat and there's now smoke or water or some other bad substance filling my house.  Check the whole upstairs....nothing.  Well if it isn't up here then it has to be downstairs.  Oh god!  My furnace must have exploded!  I tiptoe downstairs, dreading the ghastly scene that surely awaits me.  Of course, nothing there.  At this point I figure that I just need to get my heartrate back down so that I can think rationally, so I come upstairs and put on the news....just in time to hear the local weather man talking about thunder storms in the area....oh jeez.

I think this is in my future tonight...


  1. Haha, when I first moved into my new house, every little sound startled me. I realized my ice maker was really loud, the air conditioner makes a crazy noise when it kicks on and all sorts of stuff. You'll get used to them :)

  2. I actually bought that candle holder at Marshalls for very cheap and bought the red glass votive holders separately but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to make. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Congrats Keagan! You're the BIG WINNER of the Desperately Seeking a Following Contest! Email me an address that I can send your $25 Target gift card to and I'll get it in the mail!

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