Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Mom

Once again, it's Thursday which means that it's time for MamaKat's Writer's Workshop (which is about the only day of the week lately that I can put together something that is slightly creative...I blame the baby).  The prompt is...
1.) Dear Mommy and/or Daddy…(write a letter to yourself from one of your children)

Oh Mother Dearest~

Just a few thoughts that I had in utero that I think you could do to help make me a more relaxed child.  Because quite frankly a few things that you do stress me out...a lot.  Please refer to the list below and refrain from these actions.  Thanks in advance.

1.  Your singing is really really bad.  Please refrain from belting out songs in the car as loud as you can.  You're not alone anymore and my hearing is being permenantly damaged.  If this is too difficult, at least refrain from singing "I want to be a millionaire".  That song is just bad and I already don't like Oprah.

2.  I don't like caffeine so please stop drinking it.  I realize that it's fun to feel me move around a lot after you have a soda, but it makes me feel like a nutso.  Time to start putting me first.

3.  I realize that you were a gymnast not too long ago, but doing handstands against the couch just so you can see if your center of balance really is changing is making me nauseous.

4.  Please stop poking me.  Everytime I'm near the front of your belly you begin poking me either in the butt or in my head.  This must be enjoyable to you, but really, it's just annoying to me.

5.  Chose my name already and get over it!  Or at the very least, if you have a name in mind don't "try it out" by yelling the first and middle name as if I was in trouble.  You're setting me up for failure.

Again, please refrain from the above actions or you just may end up with a neurotic first born.  Thanks Mom!

Baby Radz


  1. Ha! That's too funny. Trying to decide a name is soooo hard. :-)

  2. I think its a super idea to yell the babies name for quality control purposes. You have no freaking clue how many times you will yell (or at least I didn't) that precious little name! Funny post......keep poking the baby in the butt, they will poke you in your for at least the first 5 1/2 years, after that, well I'll keep you posted!

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