Thursday, June 16, 2011

Barefoot and hormonal....

Ah pregnancy.  Let me preface this by saying that if you take away my irrational penchant for pancakes and bacon (both food that I despise normally) and my insistance on doing handstands through my pregnancy so I could see my center of balance changing (as a side note...nine month pregnant handstands just don't work no matter what you try)...I was a very sane pregnant lady.  I def didn't glow and all that jazz, but I wasn't that crazy prego lady.  And I can say that because my husband doesn't read this and he's possibly the only person who would disagree with that statement.  I did, however, have a few irrational pregnancy stories that looking back on make me giggle.

For starters, I was a MASSIVE pregnant lady.  My 5'2" short torso-ed frame had nowhere for poor little man to go but out.  As evidence, here's my halloween pictures...keep in mind that this is me at the seven month mark....I still had two months to go and already that's some belly.

That's a freaking belly.  Moral of the story....I was clearly pregnant.  I was in my last few weeks and hubby and I decided to go out to dinner.  By this point I was used to people asking about the baby and how I was feeling, etc.  For some reason, that night we made it through the entire outing without one person commenting.  We settled into the car to head home when a shocking thought hit my mind and the tears started to flow.  Poor hubby, having no idea what the problem was, attempted to weed it out of me in between sobs. I choked out, "No one said anything about the baby....they must all think I'm just fat!" He sat back in his seat, gave me the side eye, put the car in gear and just drove off.  Hmm....

The only other crazy prego thing I did was fight to stay in work (really!).  The docs had wanted me out about a month before little man was born because of my blood pressure and for some odd reason I insisted that I HAD to work.  Hell...if you told me today that I could stay home on my fat butt, watch re-runs of Teen Mom, and have an excuse to do nothing and still get paid I would be running out the door...

What about you?  Any good prego stories?


  1. I'm sure they didn't think you were fat! I worked right til the end also--I would have gone absolutely stir crazy sitting at home and just waiting....I shared one of my preggo stories on MKs also. We have so many.


  2. I was huge, huge, huge when i was pregnant. I would get so mad when people would ask if I was sure there was only one in there.

  3. The day of my induction i was still running around like a crazy pregnant woman trying to make sure all would be ready for final deliveries ready for my little sweet pea.

    Suddenly there was construction by where I needed to go to. We were
    told the road had an ermergeby and would close it down. We were tod we had to drive home Not this pregnant woman. I parked my car and simply went right on wlking. "ma'am, Ma'ma, the police man said to me. " you"'ll have to come back another time". I said, "officer I am having a A baby today, and there won't be any kind of coming back for me". I swung my tremendous stomach face first and watched his eyes pop open! "okay,ma'ma, you go right on his ghesthy:

  4. I love the story about the restaurant! That's FUNNY. I'm pregnant now with my fourth. And I went into the doc's office for my 8-week visit and struck up a conversation with a woman (41 weeks, first child) and her mother, who asked me whether I was having a boy or a girl. Now, I'm about 10-15 pounds over my "ideal" weight range, but I'm not ginormous. But the fact that she thought I was already 20 weeks along made me laugh (and cry).

  5. Hahaha! I remember thinking so many times that people thought I was just fat! Also, I look very young even though I was 22 years old when I got pregnant. A lot of people talked down to me and thought I was some teen mom. So frustrating!