Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Creating my bubble...

So I walked into work today and was instantly bombarded by negativity. I really, REALLY hate that. No good morning, no how are you doing….just blah. So considering that I have to be here until 9pm (super yucky) I figured that I mind as well make an attempt to create my own little bubble of positivity. I have my earbuds in with some kick-butt, feel good music going on and have buckled down to work, but I’m still feeling a bit negative. I figured maybe if I make a list of things that are making me happy on my blog I can refer to it throughout the day….so here goes.

  •  My new bracelet is really fun and I keep catching glances of it as I type…fun!
  • I have an amazing cup of French roast coffee thanks to the office Keurig that I didn’t pay for (oops…)
  • My dad just finished the new Agassi book the other day and passed it along to me so I have that to read when I get home this evening.
  • We just got a wedding invitation in the mail yesterday for a few good friends. Can’t wait for that! Plus, going to weddings after you’re already married is phenomenal because I don’t keep looking at everything and making mental notes )
  • My kitties are perfect. I fell asleep last night with one purring away on my chest and the other snuggled up between my feet. Why do I keep the hubby around??
  • Oh right, because he’s great, too! He not only finished all of our trim work in the house, but also hung the blinds and went grocery shopping with me last weekend (to 2 places none the less….good boy)
  • I’m a homeowner. This really just hit me as I was walking in the other day that I own all of the wood, and nails, and appliances, and land that I was around. Pretty cool feeling!
  •  The Olympics are almost here! I absolutely love the whole Olympic spirit (most likely because when I was younger I was convinced that I would be in them….not so much). I love watching the faces of all the athletes at the Opening Ceremony, especially the ones from little countries that no one’s really ever heard of. They always look so happy and proud.
Alright, I’m sure there’s more….but I feel fairly positive now, so I’m going to ride this little wave of positivity for as long as I can. Happy Hump Day Everyone


  1. Those are some great things to have! I always have to go to my happy place at work because I have a co-worker I just cannot stand. Some nice pictures, music, even smells can put you back into a positive place.

  2. Way to combat the office negativity! A little negativity is ok here and there but too much just brings everyone down!