Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My hair is posessed.

The dullness of the day has been voided out by the fact that my hair is amusing me.  Story.

I didn't shower this morning.  No, I'm not dirty, I showever yesterday evening and was entirely too lazy to shower this morning decided to be kind to the enviroinment so skipped my shower this morning.  Usually on these mornings, I use a 2" curling iron to straighten my hair, but let it keep a little bit of poof.  This helps me to overcome the oily flatness that my head could be and have a cute hairdo....normally it does not curl my hair.

This morning when I left my house my hair was straight.  At lunch time I noticed that the very tips were starting to curl in a bit.  By 2 entire chunks of the bottom of my hair were starting to spiral curl.  It hasn't ventured past that, but I am left with these mini curls at the bottom of my head.  Not bad, just strange.  Is it possible for a curling iron to delay your hair's curliness....or is my hair posessed?

P.S. - I believe there may be a slightly amusing co-worker post tomorrow (about a new person...not one of the previously discussed)...we'll see.


  1. That's interesting, I wonder why it did that!

  2. Ohh this happens to me too. I'll straighten my hair in the morning but depending on how long its been since i've washed it, the curls will soooo come back. hehe.