Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just read a very interesting post on a blog I frequent  (go check it out...its fun....Scientific Housewife).  The post was about the debate about helping Haiti vs. helping ourselves.  Seems as though there's a lot of people that feel as though we shouldn't be sending the massive amounts of money that we have been sending to Haiti when we have people here in our own country who desperatly need our help.  I'm quite conflicted on this.  The humanitarian in me has my heart ripped from my chest everytime I see footage of those poor people in Haiti being pulled from rubble and struggling to find food and water for their families.  That same heart also bleeds whenever I hear stories about the families that have lost their home and have to live on the streets...or the child who has every card stacked against them but manages to make something of themselves.  The realist in me listens to our State of the Union address and the countless stories of unemployment, foreclosures, etc. and thinks, heck...why are we helping them out.  We're in need too!  I know that I personally donate time and money to both domestic charities and international ones, so I think I cover my bases.  And I know that I usually just go with my gut about donations....usually whoever appeals to me at the time.  What do you think about Haiti?  Did you donate?  Do you donate to domestic charities?

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  1. Aww, thanks for the blog love :) I tried really hard to donate to people who needed it here as well as in Haiti and I hope others do the same :)