Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's in a name?

Here’s my response to MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop. This week didn’t require too much creative though so I figured I’d participated. The prompt was to explain the meaning behind your name. I get asked this a TON (the curse of having a unique name) so this is a piece of cake….

My name is Keagan….not Kegan or Keegan or any other derivative, but Keagan with an A. I can honestly say I’ve never met another me with and a, and usually the Keagan’s that I meet are boys. So I’m unique.
Depending on where you look my name means different things, but the most common meaning I can find is that it’s a Gaelic name meaning “little, fiery one”. I guess this kind of suits me. I don’t have a fiery temper or anything, but I like to think that I can be a bit fiery. I have a passionate streak that comes out from time to time and can be pretty intense. Not to mention, that I must not be too mild if I can command the attention of 25 high school students 2 minutes before the bell rings  As for little, welll….I used to be

As for how I got my name, that’s a less exciting story. Apparently I was almost a Stephanie, but my mom saw Keagan as a last name and thought it would make a cute girl’s name and changed her mind after I was already born. And thank goodness she did! I LOVE having a unique name. People remember it. I’m convinced that it has helped me get jobs or awards simply because it jumps out at you.
On a cute sidenote, I am one of 3 siblings and we all have K names (Keagan, Kiersten, and Kyle) and my husband is Keith and his brothers are Kevin and Kenny. I also have a cousin Kim whose kids are Kallie and Kaeden…hmmm….

How about you? Any interesting name stories?


  1. I love your name. I actually love most of your family members names now that I've read your list.

    (Visiting from Mama Kat's)

  2. My nickname is Scooby. and I have friends who don't know my legal name. I also have 4 older sisters, whose names all start with S. and so yes, everybody asks about Shaggy, or where it came from. and it came from a 50's song, not Scooby Dooby Doo.
    (Visiting from Mama Kat's, thanks for stopping by!)

  3. i like the name keagan. i think it sounds kind of classy.

    as for the whole k thing y'all got going on, i find that awesome. my best friend in high school was a k name and both of her sisters were k's as well. pretty nifty. :)

  4. My mom wanted to name me Katherine so she could call me Kate. And, she wanted to call me Allie, too. That never flew. And, Joseph is named after my grandfather. That's all I've got. Not too exciting.

    But, I've just had a moment to get caught up on your blog (thanks to a little boy who is napping instead of barfing right now) and have realized just how much I miss you :(

    You would be getting a scream (either out of hilarity or frustration) about things at school these days...

    Hang in there!

  5. That's right, I almost forgot you did Science Fridays! I'm glad we are getting science out there for people to see because a lot of people think it's boring and uninteresting but we can prove them wrong!

    Come back on Sunday to see my first science post, it will be good!