Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Memorable Neighbor....

Yet another response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  Today's prompt was to write about a memorable neighbor.  I had trouble chosing just one, but decided to talk about Peter (and I feel comfy using his name because I am positive that he will never ever read this blog).  Peter was the single man in his 40s that lived next door to my family growing up.  He was meticulous about his yard, disliked children, had a cat that was his of those.  Now despite the fact that he lived in a neighborhood FULL of kids he really didn't like us...except for some reason me.  Peter actually liked me.

Now I was an inquisitive little bugger (still am) and I attribute the fact that I went into science to this personality trait.  I was that kid that would ask a million questions and expected answers to all of them.  I loved to talk to "grown ups" and have "grown up" talks.  I vividly remeber that whenever Peter was in his yard or his driveway I would run over and we would have hour long talks about dinosaurs and the stars and other strange things. 

Things started to go south with Peter and I when I began to lose my childlike charm (ha!).  I always fed Peter's beloved cat, Jasper, when he was out of town and I took great pride in that job (especially because Peter loved Jasper so much....Jasper even got a tombstone in the backyard when he passed away...yep).  Anyhoo, one time Peter returned home and instantly came over to talk to my mother.  I sat in my room shaking in my boots over what I could have possibly done wrong.  When Peter left my mother called me into the room and asked me if I had been snooping around Peter's house.  I wracked my little kid brain and told he that the only thing I had done was looked under the bed in Peter's room for Jasper because I couldn't find him.  Apparently Peter knew that because I had left footprints in the rug.  What?!?  Then my sister and I got in trouble a few years later because we ate two Hershey Kisses out of the candybowl on his counter.  Again, WTF?!?  Did he count them????

I heard that Peter got married a few years ago....I would love to meet that lady..... :)


  1. Don't you wish you could go back and talk to him as a grownup? (I do, with my memorable neighbor!)

    Belated congratulations on that sweet baby....and wow! You're blogging! I was a strung out mess as a new mom!!

  2. That is so funny... Talk about a major control freak... Yikes!

  3. Oh thank God, I was waiting for the pervy ending, whew!