Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WTF Tuesday...

A mommy board that I post on does a WTF Friday each week.  I decided that it needed to be done today instead for me.  I am in a spicy mood and figure this blog is a good outlet.  Here goes....

WTF weather....I thought you were going to toss a few nice springlike days my way on my last week home with Evan to enjoy.

WTF America...Why can't you give women year long maternity leave like Canada.

WTF Work...I've been asking you for work for three weeks and you haven't given me any.  Now you dump these hopeless projects on me that need to be done ASAP because you dilly-dallied.  The worst part is that I know you only handed them off because you hit a roadblock and didn't want to deal with it.

WTF Fever....Again, it's my last week home with little man and you creep up on me.  And if you even think of sneaking up on Evan I may just have to kick your temperature-increasing, chill and painful skin-inducing, headache creating, bowel wrenching fever ass.  No one messes with my little man.

WTF Squirrel....Why did you have to run in front of my car?  I tried to stop but out of fear of throwing poor Evan through the windshield I couldn't in time and now I feel really bad.  I know you got away, but I def hit you.

WTF guy at the gas station....I told you his name was Evan and refered to him as "he" several times....and he's wearing a very boyish outfit yet you still insist on telling me what a "beautiful little girl I have."  Really?  Maybe that's why you work at a gas station? (ouch....that was harsh)

WTF guy with the obnoxious lisence plate.  It said "DRS+ESQ" then they had a sticker with an equal sign next to it followed by the logo for their SAAB.  Does this really mean what I think it means?  Are you really that much of a tool?

Phew....I feel lots better now.  And a big thank you to Handy Manny who has kept Evan occupied while I got out this rant.  Off to be a better mother now...

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